About Gareth West & West Developments

A word from Gareth

I opened West Developments six years ago after selling a home I had built for myself. At the time there was a hole in the market with respect to modern, custom construction; this therefore became my company’s slogan.

I purchased a few residential lots and proceeded to build with greater regard for achieving a look than respecting a budget. Traditional builders, in my opinion, put too great an emphasis on their bottom line at the expense of a beautiful finished product, resulting in cookie-cutter communities we are all too familiar with and equally tired of living in. 

With 6 years of residential builds now under my belt, my intention is to apply the same attention to detail and standards of construction to both multi-unit residential and commercial projects. To this end, West Developments has purchased land in these respective zonings, with the goal of growing the traction already established in the single family housing market. 

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